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Soilless Potting Mix
The advantage of soilless culture substrate is white, beautiful, water absorption, good ventilation, can be used alone, can also be mixed with other substrate, light and easy to move, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used continuously
Perlite Vermiculite
There is non-soil environments created for preventing problems caused by tired greenhouse soils. There is non-soil environment applications up to %95 percentages in many countries around world.
Plant Growth Medium
Perlite can be used in rooting for flower,vegetables or fruits alone or by mixing them. If folding is done only filling perlite
Soil Conditioning
Perlite is used for soil regulator or as agent for decreasing water losses. There are expectations from good soil regulator as higher water capacity,base difference and higher heat capacities with lower salt amounts and heat conductivity.
Expanded Perlite Insulation
Horticultural perlite is a large expanded perlite granule, which is separated from perlite fine screening and its granule is 3-5mm or 4-8mm.Its particle interior is honeycomb structure, non - toxic, tasteless, non - rot, non - flammable
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